BUITEN Consultancy Economy & Environment

We provide answers to your questions about spatial economy, sustainability & energy, and leisure economy & heritage. We work daily on solutions to make cities & regions better, stronger and more sustainable.

Looking for European funding for your projects?

The EU offers a wide range of funding opportunities. Building partnerships and drafting grant applications requires experience as well as substantive knowledge of European programmes. Our team knows what the EU has to offer and can translate your project ideas into promising grant applications. We offer grant support as well as experienced project and process managers.

Our team consists of twenty highly motivated consultants with varying backgrounds and specialisations, all of whom are experienced in working in international projects and environments. Our approval rate for European applications is far above the average.

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Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or an appointment to discuss the opportunities for your organisation. You can contact Anneke van Mispelaar, e-mail anneke.vanmispelaar@bureaubuiten.nl.

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