Looking for European funding for your projects?

The EU offers a wide range of funding opportunities. Building partnerships and drafting grant applications requires experience as well as substantive knowledge of European programmes. Our team knows what the EU has to offer and can translate your project ideas into promising grant applications. Our approval rate for European applications is far above the average. Examples of our EU projects can be found on our EU projects page.

EU projects



  • Information and workshops on EU subsidy programmes
  • Subsidy scans to identify relevant funding opportunities
  • EU grant applications
  • Second opinion on EU grant applications
  • Regional/municipal strategies for EU engagement (funding as well as lobbying)
  • Project management of EU projects, including technical and financial management
  • Drafting and evaluating EU programmes

EU programme experience

We have successfully worked on projects in, among others, the following EU programmes:

  • INTERREG (A, B, C programmes)
  • Horizon Europe
  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
  • Single Market Programme including COSME
  • European Urban Initiative
  • Creative Europe
  • Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme
  • Connecting Europe Facility (CEF / TEN-T)
  • LIFE
  • Erasmus+


Our approach to EU-projects is:


We make a clear action plan and timetable. The plan is project specific, and helps to clarify what is expected of all parties involved.


Our goal is not to submit as many grant applications as possible, we want our projects to succeed. We use our extensive international network to find suitable project partners. We utilise the expertise from our contacts at EU programme secretariats to strengthen the grant applications.


Our way of working is service-oriented, facilitating our clients and their project partners to make the best possible contribution to a promising proposal. We provide sound financial support and advice on tenders and state support.


We have ample experience with project implementation, so we know how to structure a proposal in order to make its implementation as straightforward as possible once approved.

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or an appointment to discuss the opportunities for your organisation. You can contact Anneke van Mispelaar, e-mail anneke.vanmispelaar@bureaubuiten.nl.

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